Piano Lessons

Jennifer Jones Music Studio offers one-on-one private piano lessons to children K-12.  Throughout the course of study, students learn music theory, piano technique, ear training, performance skills and music history, all of which are necessary for a well-rounded musician.  A special emphasis is placed on practice habits that will benefit the musician and the child as a whole.  Students learn the focus and dedication that are essential to making music, but these skills are taught in an engaging manner that also allows children to enjoy the process.  Please contact me for availability!

Private piano lessons are offered once per week.  For the investment of piano lessons, tuition is charged as one yearly fee, and there are two payment options to choose from for your convenience:

  • Flat monthly payments divided equally across ten months

  • Semester payments

Lesson Length              Tuition Installment

30 min.                           $102 monthly

45 min.                           $153 monthly

60 min.                           $204 monthly